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CFA Community Fireguard Program
This video provides a snapshot of CFA’s Community Fireguard Program – what it is, how it works, and highlights the many and varied benefits of being involved in the program.

Aireys Inlet Community Emergency Simulation
This DVD outlines a community workshop for emergency evacuation for the town of Aireys Inlet a coastal Victorian town. This workshop was led by Surf Coast Shire, CFA, DSE, ParksVic and Victoria Police. Participants at the workshop were predominantly from the Fire Conversations group. Phoenix modelling was used to describe the progress of a fire event on a high fire danger day and participants identified what they would be doing, thinking and feeling. This workshop was an excellent learning tool for all involved.

Fire Conversations In The Otways
Community members and agency staff discuss the benefits of strategic Fire Conversations in their local towns located in the Otways Victoria Australia.

Forrest Fire Conversations
This video demonstrates the Forrest communities efforts through its Community House co-ordinator to promote learning about fire and safety.The benefits of Fire Conversations are outlined by Gillian the House co-ordinator who collaborates and partners with leading fire agencies including CFA (Country Fire Authority) and DSE (Department of Sustainability and Environment) in Victoria, Australia.


CFA Community Fireguard 
“We were very impressed with the Community Fireguard promotional DVD Sue produced for us. The essence of the program as well as it’s real life benefits were captured excellently. The promotional DVD has greatly assisted us in supporting the development and growth of the program. Sue’s experience and creativity were central to the production of a high quality product we are proud to use.”  Catherine Nelsson, Project Coordinator, Communities and Communication, CFA Headquarters

CFA Fire Conversations
“The work I commissioned by Luminessence has been first class. My work colleagues have commented on the professional level of the DVD’s made for my project and the great stories they tell. Many people have said they now understand my project and are more interested as a result of viewing the high quality products that Sue has produced. Sue is easy to work with and I trust her professional judgment to guide me in creating stories that communicate to a larger audience in such a fantastic way.” Debbie Humphreys, Research Project Officer, CFA Barwon South West


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