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My Life My Story

Interviewing people on camera about their lives is like ‘unearthing buried treasure’. It’s like discovering precious gems, those very special memories unique to each person, re-lived and spoken about and all captured on film. What a privilege it has been for me to facilitate the unearthing of this treasure, to sit with these wonderful ‘elders’, members of our community who have been so generous and brave enough to tell me their stories. I am so grateful for this experience.

As Producer/Director of Luminessence Films I offer a service called “My Life My Story” in which I document on video the highlights and important events in people’s lives, creating a lasting record for future generations to cherish. This work is what Luminessence is all about, ‘shining a light’ on the uniqueness of everyone’s story. Everyone has an amazing story to tell! People get to a stage where they want to record their memories because they don’t want to lose them. What a wonderful legacy for family and friends to look back on. Both the person interviewed and their families benefit greatly from participating in this process.

Rhys Milner is my most recent interviewee. His story was filmed in Melbourne in November 2020. This video is just a brief snapshot of his amazing life history.

Andrew Lucas’ parents Yvonne and Brian were interviewed in early 2012 and he was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Here’s some of his feedback…

“I just finished watching Dad’s My Life, My Story and had to write to you. It was amazing – kind of like looking at your own family’s version of Australian Story. It’s wonderful to listen to your parents talk about their life as individuals, rather than simply as ‘parents’. I learnt a stack about my Dad’s life that I didn’t know or at best was sketchy about. I feel so grateful to have heard his story while he’s still here and healthy and I can talk to him more about those areas of his life I knew little about. I’m so grateful I can discuss and share their life story to date. But perhaps the best outcome of the process has been the effect it’s had on Mum and Dad. It seems to have really given them the enthusiasm to enjoy the next ‘chapter’ in their lives, rather than feeling like the best days are behind them. Both Mum and Dad praised your relaxed but professional way of conducting the interviews and I can tell by watching them how comfortable they are with the process.”


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