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My Business Story

Every business, large or small, has an amazing story to tell. After all, businesses are made up of people and it’s the human element of any business that makes it individual and distinct from others. Every business has a culture, history, story that is unique to them. I believe businesses go on the same journey as people, from the very beginnings, the idea of it, the formation of it, right through childhood, adolescence, to maturity and old age. The journey of a business is like the journey of a person. With all the exciting times, challenging times, achievements, milestones, triumphs and celebrations.

I would like to offer the business community the opportunity to record it’s story on high quality video. Using classic documentary filmmaking and storytelling techniques I can provide you with a high quality, engaging video product that will be an invaluable record of your business story. It could be used as an induction tool to educate & inform new and existing staff members; a motivational tool to assist you in ‘building the team’; or a promotional tool to assist in advertising your business and to show to both potential and existing clients.

Post it on your website, deliver it at a conference or business pitching session, show it to your staff at an anniversary, birthday or Christmas party celebration (or any other significant milestone event)

I am available for an obligation-free chat anytime to discuss further.

Call me on 0419 315 916 or email


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