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Then The Wind Changed-Documentary Film

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I have just received in the mail a dvd copy of this most amazing documentary film about Black Saturday. I highly recommend it as essential viewing.

On 7 February 2009, Australia suffered its worst natural disaster in recorded history. A firestorm of cyclonic fury swept across Victoria and 173 lives were lost. Nowhere was the destruction more terrible than in the tiny hamlet of Strathewen, only 40 km’s from Melbourne. Survivors were linked by trauma, unimaginable grief and the weighty task of trying to understand what had happened to their worlds. Then after the shock of survival, just as the adrenalin finally runs out, the real work begins.

In THEN THE WIND CHANGED local resident and filmmaker Celeste Geer interweaves her own family’s story with those of her neighbours and friends as they struggle to rebuild their shattered lives in the two and a half years following the fires.


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