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Luminessence Films has an offering for Facilitators

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Do you want to communicate to your clients the highly visual and experiential nature of your work and how it can empower them? Film is the perfect medium through which to allow your clients to ‘taste’ and see your work. I know firsthand that facilitation is necessarily complex and interactive and for this reason film is able to capture the very essence of what you do.

 ImageFacilitation is about engaging with people and enabling change which is exactly what my vision is for Luminessence. Therefore, I am really excited by the possibility of working with you. I can enable you to reach communities and organisations in order to promote your work.

As Producer and Director of Luminessence Films I believe in the power of storytelling. I am passionate about ‘shining a light’ on the connectedness of the individual, community and environment. This belief, together with the knowledge that storytelling is healing and empowering, drives my commitment to ‘bringing stories to light’. Film is the medium through which I achieve this vision. Capturing people on camera who are telling their story and standing inside their passion is a catalyst for change.

Let’s meet and explore our common interest in storytelling, engaging people and enabling change. Contact me on 0419 315 916


One thought on “Luminessence Films has an offering for Facilitators

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